This is our family of pedal machines - Naïve, Old Oak, The White Lady, Hot Wheel.

They can each generate about 60 Watts of power. But working together, they can produce enough electricity to power a DJ's sound system, outdoor cinema, lights and many other things!

The four pedal machines were created in a very cold workshop next to the River Clyde in Glasgow in March 2013.

Naïve was the first. Made from parts recycled from broken bikes and a piece of wood that used to be a cupboard.

The White Lady was next. So called, for her elegance and shiny white base.

Old Oak was number 3. Made from beautiful wood that once was a table in a farmhouse in the Scottish highlands.

And Hot Wheel got its plastic base, we think, from some funky furniture!

Each was made from mainly recycled materials. And each was made with lots of Pedalve!